Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Tribute To My Kitty Cat

I've never known how wonderful it is to have a pet cat until I met my kitty.

I call my kitty, Clarebear.

She has the Meow Factor.

She is the prettiest and most alluring kitty I've seen in the "lorongs" of KL.

She has the most soothing meow. She has the sweetest purr. She has the sexiest grin. She has the most graceful prance.

She doesn't have a tail but she can definitely balance herself well. In fact, she's a very good dancer. You should see my kitty dance! You wouldn't believe how nimble my kitty can get when dancing.

She can be a bit stubborn and messy sometimes, but I forgive her! Her stubbornness and messiness seem to be cute. Stubborn and messy kitties are cure, aren't they? Good thing she doesn't habitually lick her paws like the other kitties.

She doesn't have long whiskers. Maybe this is why she is clumsy sometimes. But her clumsiness is also cute. Hmmm, everything about my kitty is cute.

But what I like most about my kitty is that she is smart and sensible.

Smart because despite being a kitty, she knows how to look to her right and left before crossing the street. Also, she might be a kitty in appearance, but she's a lioness in thinking.

Sensible because she acts based on reason and not on emotion (, except during her Pre-Meownstrual Syndrome. Good thing she hasn't scratched my face yet.) She understands my weaknesses. She understand her own weaknesses too.

I've been with my kitty for a year now.

We had a rocky start. We have had some catfights. I have hurt her. I have crashed. She has forgiven me. My love for my kitty has grown even stronger.

I love my kitty very much!


Clare said...

hahaha sweeetttttt :)
I love my pet puppy too:)

Clare said...

slurrpssssss... the Thai coconut was yummmyliciousss ! :)

Faiez Idrus said...

Awhhhh! Adriannnnn.... that's so sweet!! :) Congrates for getting to the 1st year :)

Hi Clareeee!

p/s: If you don't know me, I don't know what to say, dude!

cristob tosnas said...

faeiz - uhmm, have we met before? where and when?

hehehe, where have you been? we miss you! busy with your new beau ey? see ya!

Clare said...

Hi Faiez!! of course i know you! :)

Hope you're doing great!All the best to u n till we meet again! :)

cristob tosnas said...

hahaha, i just noticed that with the that tiny umbrella on your ears, you look like a "persocom" from Chobits!