Friday, May 18, 2007

Let There Be Light...Stinking Shite!!!

This is the sound of a thought, from its fragmented, crude and amorphous state, as it transforms and drops into the swampy world of ideas.

Yes! This is my shit, beings of the animal kingdom (yes, it includes your dog and cat) and other intelligent life forms outside this planet.

From the dark,winding and murky tunnels of my brain (and intestines), this shit is moulded. Its conception may not be immaculate, but it is divinely inspired(?).
Thus, I humbly implore you to relax and sit comfortably, as you partake in my ritual of "plopping". From the annals (no pun intended) of my receding memory or the innards of my myopic foresight, be shocked and be awed by my bowel movements!


cristob tosnas said...

this is an excerpt from my very first blog in a pseudo-blog site. according to some of my friends, that pseudo-blog site is so gay (with apologies). their claims are totally ridiculous, discriminatory and fallacious. however, without regard to their comments, i'm switching to this site because it is more blogger friendly---and it's not pseudo. i don't want pseudo.

Fritz said...

Those pseudo bloghosts are a crock loada shite. Non-customizable, frocken ugly templates, and service support usually sucks stinky cockage bigtime. Nice to see you blogging at long last, Yan!