Monday, May 28, 2007

Ferrell and Heder Never Had It So Gay

Ferrell and Heder summoning the gay gods

Even if you are not a Saturday Night Live fan or you are not easily cracked up by the cheesy spoofs in Conan O’ Brien’s show, you would still love Blades of Glory. Even if you are not too gay to love figure-skating or not too perverted to yearn for this sport because of the numerous camel-toes, trust me and my fine taste, this movie will give you enough ass-bumps.

Some scenes are outrageously disturbing (in a funny way) that I don’t advise the viewers to bring along soda and popcorn. Most of us in the cinema were laughing our asses to death that my car key jumped from my pocket. Clarebear and I had to go back from Basement 3 to the cinema foyer, and ask the staff for my car key. Luckily they found it! Whew!

As this blog is a recommendation to watch the movie, I wouldn’t spoil your appetite by disclosing its plot and the funny scenes. But I would say that the “Bangin’ Scissors or Egg Breakers" (or whatever you want to call it) and the “Iron Lotus” finales in their winning routines are certified jaw-droppers/jaw-breakers. Hehehe, remember to open your eyes and cover your mouth when you watch these moves.

The contrasting farcical demeanor of Will Ferrell and that Napoleon Dynamite kid, Jon Heder, brings enough titillation to make you wet your pants.

Chazz Michael Michaels (Ferrell) is the fiery, brusque, raunchy and narcissistic figure-skater/sex-addict/porn-star.

Jimmy MacElroy ( Heder), the long time arch-nemesis of Chazz, is the cool, soft, limber yet overly-competitive character, who was painstakingly moulded by his foster father in becoming an “uberskater”, even way before his first pubes sprouted.

How did they end up skating as a pair and how were they able to merge their contradicting personalities and styles on ice? Well, don’t ask me! Watch the movie!

And by the way, here's a photo of my car key:

Thanks to the KLCC-TGV staff for returning it to me!


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