Friday, May 18, 2007

Dead Birds

Dead birds. Creepy.

Hundreds of dead birds fell from the sky in an area in Australia. Tests say it's not caused by any virus or toxic chemicals. This might be an isolated case but it still scares me.

I saw a dead bird in my balcony two Decembers ago. It was a crow.

Head lying on a small pool of blood.

A few black feathers on the floor.

Felt nauseous upon seeing it.

Had been dead for days.

Rigor Mortis.

Blood had dried up.

Some kind of a disease? Someone shot it? Dogfight with another bird?

Why did it choose to die in my balcony, out of a thousand balconies in my neighborhood?

It haunted me. Was it an omen? I looked out for interpretations in the internet.

It took me 3 days to throw it away. Its head was stuck to the dried-up blood. I had to pull it like a bandage glued to a fresh wound. Or did I use the dustpan to wedge it off the floor? I could not remember. My head was spinning during the extraction. My heart was pounding. My stomach was cramping.

I did not give it a proper burial. I just stuffed it into a black bag and threw it in the refuse chamber.

A few days after, I noticed a smudge on the glass door leading to the balcony. And there was a tiny feather on the smudge. The crow crashed on the glass door. The impact killed it. That explained the head injury. The tiny feather was the black box.

I believe in signs. Dead birds, especially the black ones, signify something negative. I treated the omen as a warning. A few days after the seeing the dead crow, I experienced one of the darkest moments in my life. I almost took a u-turn to the netherworld. Everything turned out fine.

Who knows the real cause of the dead birds in Australia? Whatever it is, we should take it as warning---a big, big WARNING...

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