Monday, May 21, 2007

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

I wanted to entitle this post as "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words", but it sounded cliche. Ok, the current title's thought is just the same, but it is less used and it kinda makes me sing one of my all time favorite karaoke hits, Bread's "If". Lest that I start singing and mesmerizing you with my chilly voice, I will unplug my Magic Mic and commence my plopping.

Call it a Eureka moment or not, but as Archimedes’ law of displacement came into effect in the water basin within my “throne”, a great idea flashed like a halogen bulb. Pling! Since the general concept of my blog is about being crappy, why not put a photo of myself crapping?

After washing (I need to point this out for hygienic purposes), I hurriedly got my Canon Ixus 850IS 28mm lens camera (I bought it cheap in BB Plaza! 7.1MP and optical image stabilizer, nice ey?) and took some test photos of my throne and myself sitting on it. I reviewed the photos in my Dell XPS Intel Duo Core laptop and admired how sexy my legs are, despite them being hairy.

However, I remembered that the general color theme of my blog page is poopy-brown. I would destroy its color coordination if I put the picture of my blue throne in the header. So what came to my mind were the toilets of Shangri La and Concorde hotel. As far as I can recall, their toilets are somewhat in earth colors. But before driving down and having a toilet pictorial in these hotels, I suddenly remembered that I have another bathroom which I know has a different color.

I opened the door and smiled. I couldn’t remember being ecstatic over a toilet all my life! (except when I was riding on a bus to a far away province and I over drank this dairy product.) I retook photos…

…and the rest is history.

By only putting a picture of a toilet bowl in the header, one would know what this blog is all about. It is a fair warning of the crap they will have to encounter if they choose to continue browsing down. Some will even be reminded that they forgot to dump in the morning and that they have to go to the loo immediately. No need for me to put a foreword, a disclaimer or a caveat. The picture paints it all. And so does the hair on my legs.


Clare said...

U're soo crappy.It's unbelievable.

cristob tosnas said...

whaever! :p