Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Of Collar Bombs

Read in an article about a pizza delivery guy killed by a collar bomb. It made me remember what happened last Sunday.

My Kitty and I had an animated exchange about the merits of the Japanese movie, Battle Royale. I had wanted to get a copy of this movie for 6 years, and a serendipitous moment 2 weeks ago in a video shop in Berjaya Times Square ended my long yet sporadic search.

I raved about it to Kitty, lent the copy to her and told her to watch it with her brothers. She obliged. And she watched it with her brothers, parents and grandparents, who had drooled in anticipation for a great Sunday movie treat. But not even halfway through the movie, they stopped watching. I could imagine them looking at my Kitty in unison and telling her in their synchronized Megatron voice : “Your boyfriend has such a shitty taste in movies that he should be caned 1,000 times and burned at the stake.” I received an SMS from Kitty: “Bat Royal is crappy! Rot in hell bitch!” Hehehe, I just made up the last sentence.

Battle Royale is a great movie. (replace the period with 3 exclamation points) If the idea of 40 high school students (all in the same class) inevitably killing each other in a deserted island isn’t enough reason for you to watch, then yes, have more reason to watch your predictable and cliché Hollywood movies. I would rather leave you a teaser than a critique of the movie. If you liked it, then good for you. If you hated it, then it’s better.

And where do the collar bombs come into the picture? Watch it and you’ll know.

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